Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Procreate - The BEST drawing/painting app for the iPad!

Yeah I said it... Procreate is the BEST damn drawing/painting app I have used on my iPad to date (1/27/2015). Now I've tried out my fair share of drawing/painting apps, but this one takes the cake! Compared to the price of desktop software this app is a steal and it has a ton of comparable functions and capabilities. I'm talking import/export multiple file types, layers, reference layers, adjustment modes, blend modes, color drop, masking, customize brushes, export video (see below, as in the bottom of the post) and more! To put it simply... IT ROCKS!

"Fringe of Consciousness" - 1st attempt with Procreate (self portrait)

The work above was my first adventure in the Procreate app and it was amazingly intuitive and easy to use. If y'all are familiar with Adobe products you should have 0% trouble working with Procreate. If you do purchase the app I highly recommend reading the HANDBOOK so you can fully understand the nuances of this powerhouse app.
WIP shot showing the Adjustment drop down menu.
WIP shot showing the drop down layer menu with thumbnails.

And here is the process video which Procreate automagically creates while you work in the app! Awesomesauce!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Veith Children - Recent Portrait Commission

In the weeks approaching the holidays I had the pleasure of creating some charcoal portraits for the Veith family. Mrs. Veith requested to have portraits of the children created as a Christmas gift for her husband, a fantastic idea! Mrs. Veith sent over a file of reference photos to work from and I began to aquaint myself with the kids, all SEVEN of them! I had a blast working on the portraits and felt like I got to know each of the children; part of the magic of being an artist and working on portraits.

I was so excited for the family to receive the portraits! Working on projects like this really satisfies my artistic soul. Knowing that there is a great meaning behind the portraits, that they are special gifts, and will become pieces/parts of the family really moves me. Below are the individual portraits, enjoy.


Hello Internetz! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and rang in the new year with fireworks and really loud pop music. Personally, I watched Pitbull neglect to do a countdown right around midnight, live from Miami, via FOX. It was fantastic. Here's a digi-sketch I made for the occassion. Enjoy!

"Zombie NYE Gurrrrl" - 2014
iPAd Air

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Inktober - 31 Drawings in 31 Days

This past month (October) was freaking sweet! Not only did all things scary and awesome happen (think Halloween and Walking Dead!) but I took part in Inktober for the first time! It's a pretty straightforward idea - make an ink drawing everyday for the month of October and share it with the Internetz. Instead of blasting this post with 31 images of drawings I'm going to point you, dear reader, to the wonderful realms of social media, where the images are neatly compiled for your perusal.

Some of the drawings are done with traditional mediums (pen and ink and markers) and others are created with digital inks. I recently invested in the Adonit Touch 4 pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad and have been exploring some of the wonderful art apps that are available (Sketchbook, Adobe Ideas, and My Brushes). 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hey it's Wednesday! Since I'm getting back into the swing of things, digitally, or Internetingly speaking, I think this calls for a NWW post! So here it is folks, hot and fresh from my blood-filled finger tips, to my electronic tablet, to your screen - "McBreakfast - v.1", 2014.
"McBreakfast, v.1" - Binary drawing, 2014.
It's a handmade digital drawing using my iFrogz stylus and Adobe Ideas app on my iPad Air. I threw that handmade bit in to poke fun at art crowds and such. I keep seeing posts and reading captions on art that is made on paper, canvas, or some other tactile, tangible surface as being "handmade" or "made by hand." It seems like a bullsh#t effort to say that if art is digital that it is somehow not "made by hand" or that it is lower/lesser quality than a "handmade" art object. And to that I say, "Go f%*k yourself." Even when artists use digital methods of creating art, they still use their five digit extensions to move a mouse, click a button, or hold a stylus. Let's stop the art-class-warfare before people start taking it too seriously and form some SJW groups about it and start posting sh#t on Tumblr and Reddit. I used my hands to draw a picture and so this is some fresh, digital, handmade artz going straight to your optic nerve! Enjoy :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

BATMAN 75!!!

So this year has been pretty awesome! On top of all the kick-ass things that have been going on in my life, it also happens to be the year of Batman's 75th anniversary! July 23rd was the official Batman Day where enthusiasts could drop by participating comic shops and book stores to grad a sweet Batman75 grab bag with a comic, poster, mask, bookmark, and pin.
Swag Bag contents
I know I have drawn Batman over and over again, but that's just fine with me :) And to celebrate the old man's 75th I went ahead and worked up a new drawing of Batz. I was influenced by the reprint of Detective Comics #27 from the grab bag and I wanted to harness that raw vigilante feel to Batz, before all the jet-powered tank/car/jet hybrids and present a humanistic look at the man in the mask. He looks a little weathered, a little unsure, and that's fine because honestly, if you were dressing up in a costume and fighting crime everyday you might begin to question yourself too. Below are the initial sketch WIP and flats WIP. I created this illustration in Adobe Ideas app on my iPad using an iFrogz stylus (no pressure sensitivity). Hope y'all enjoyed Batman day and here's to celebrating Batz for many more years to come!
WIP pencils and inks
WIP inks and flats

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Now Live in Atlanta...

Street Poetry
It's been a crazy couple of months, which helps explain my absence from the digital playground. Let's try to make this long story short. My fiance graduated from business school, we got married, she got hired at UPS, and we moved to Atlanta. There, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's been a wild ride, but I am finally all setup with a roof, Internetz, and TV. Still working on getting that office/studio space together, but the good news is, it's definitely going to happen! If you follow along with the blog you know from my stint in Ft. Lauderdale that I like trains, and I like graffiti on trains. So here's an Atlanta train with some graff on it. 

So that's the haps folks. I wanted to get back on the information superhighway and let y'all know that I am alive and well. Stay tuned for more of the usual artness, updates, and photo drops (more ATL pics below).
Jenis ice cream shop. (GO! It's really good)
Morgan Falls dam