Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Series - Winter 2010

Series of hybrid drawings made with the use of photography, digital, and pen and ink.

Subject: I used myself and the people that are close to me for this series. It solves the dilemma of "What the fuck should I draw?" These are the people I share life with. They are important to me. By focusing on these people it accomplishes two things; its shows values of friendship, love, family... and it documents the current times and my existence. Having the subject figured out allows me to concentrate more on the process of creation. What medium best suits this image...

Process: I start with a photo which I make a digital pencil drawing of on the computer. The pencil drawing is printed and inked. On a few I then took the inked drawing and printed flat color on top of that.


Fabricari said...

Just caught your work on twitter. I really dig this series. I had just attempted a few self portraits and realized there's a tremendous amount of honesty in that when any artist attempt it. Of course, as a result, I appreciate it when other artists do the same! Thanks for sharing!

C. Goodman said...

Thanks for the props Fabricari.