Friday, August 13, 2010

Red Bar Gallery - Art Night 2nd Wednesday of the Month

Red Bar Gallery in downtown Miami hosts an Art Night on the second Wednesday of the month. Red Bar Gallery is exactly what its name implies. It is both a gallery that features the work of local artists (only local artists) and a bar serving a wide variety of cocktails and beverages. If you have not been to Red Bar yet I highly recommend stopping in to peruse the art and have a drink.

The featured artist of the Art Night is in attendance, has their work displayed on easels, and gives a brief speech/discussion about their work. This weeks artist was Olga Buffet. She has studied painting in Spain and spoke of the therapeutic effect of creating art, commenting on how the artist can find peace in the creation of the work. The paintings (pictured above) showed her earlier works which were mainly academic, and her later works which are expressive in color, form, and meaning. In addition to the visual art there is live music, free food, and wine. The Ombudsman are the featured music of the Art Nights.

Red Bar Gallery is a great place to visit anytime, but if you enjoy the arts second Wednesdays are sure to be an enjoyable evening.

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