Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Drawings

            Lately, I have been using more traditional methods of drawing: pens, pencils, etc...and relying less on digital methods and media. In the past, I was more likely to be holding my trusty Wacom stylus while hunched over my laptop, whereas now a Bic #2 mechanical pencil suits me just fine – and while Photoshop's layers are a pleasure to work with, I have found a new appreciation for tracing paper and transfer drawings. Taking to these new, or throwback, approaches could be due to the fact that my CPU is half-fried, or perhaps it's a subconscious force driving me back to my “creative roots.” The one digital aide to my recent drawings has been the wonderfully-accessible, user-friendly, greatest-invention-of-the-twenty-first-century...the iPhone camera. The subject matter remains figurative and focused on the people in my life; I use my iPhone to capture pics that are later used as starting points and references for my drawings.


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