Sunday, July 10, 2011

Want To See What Happened Today?

Left Hand Drawing

My day started out in the later portion to the allotted twenty four hours of the day. After consuming some delicious banana bread that A. made last night and a cup of coffee I was prepared to take on some of my new assignments. About a week ago I sent E., a fellow artist and very good friend of mine, some pics of recent drawings/work. After our phone conversation and critique he picked up on my frustration and suggested I complete some assignments; a few drawing exercises he came up with. I tend to get in my head too much when it comes to my artwork, and it stunts my progress and output. These assignments are loose and meant to bring me back to the fun, imaginative side of making art. One of these drawings is an assigned drawing and the other is my own work/idea. The drawing with the skulls and heavy black elements is my assigned drawing.
The assignment was to make a complete drawing using my opposite hand (left) and I was not to use my eraser. After completing the assigned drawing the creative juices were flowing so I pressed forward and made the "Cindy and the Easter Borse" drawing. Enjoy.

Cindy and the Easter Borse

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