Friday, September 23, 2011

Do You Like American Music?

I like American music best...baaaaaaby. In fact I love American music. Give me a 2/4 beat with a twangy guitar riff, thumping bass, and pounding drums, and I'm ready to GO!

You know what else I like? Chicks. Girls, dames, ladies, WOMEN! Last month I began expressing these interests in a musically inspired series of paintings.

The "DJ" appeared first; influenced by an art-filled night at Brew. Art on the walls, coffee in hand, and a DJ spinning-what more can you ask for? Then the "Rockin' Heroines" came out like a swarm of sirens, shredding to a silent symphony. After making the first "Rockin' Heroine (blue guitar)" I realized how awesome girl guitar/bass players are, and was inspired to make the next two. Last, I threw in a "Rockin' Drummer (self portrait)," which gives the series a 2:3 ratio of male to female musicians, and balances out the band.


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