Saturday, March 3, 2012


Today I was thinking about drawing. I know, you're thinking, "No shit, you're an artist." But the thing is, when I think about drawing strange shit happens. I think about new drawings, old drawings, things I should draw, what you think I should draw, what galleries think I should draw, what critics think I should draw, and my blood starts to boil. I get anxious, and it doesn't go away until I start to put pen to paper. Once the lines start flowing its like the anxiety bleeds out of me and into the ink that soaks the paper; it feels good. Today, as I started making my marks, I let go, I just drew. I felt the creative joys of the very innate and enjoyable act of drawing. I wasn't making work for a show, or for a client, or for previously jotted down ideas, I was just drawing. Here's two pics of todays events.

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