Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When I'm working in binary mode, I tend to stick to my Wacom tablet and Photoshop. I enjoy the creative possibilities and quick editing capabilities that digital drawing tools and software provide. This past week I was surfing the web looking for online drawing tools and I came across three that were pretty entertaining and allowed for some interesting results. I used my tablet while test-driving these drawing tools and came to the following conclusions:

ScribblerToo - drawing of a skull.

Ze Frank and Mario Klingermann's ScribblerToo is where it's at.This drawing tool is awesome! The best way I can describe it is drawing with spiderweb accents. This tool is very versatile. The brush has nine adjustable options, background colors can be changed, and images can be uploaded. Go to the site and try this out!

Odosketch - Puppeteer sketch.

This program has a really great sketchbook feel. Multiple brushes with different angles, choice of colors, and  unique diameters/angles. The "paper" has a natural tint to it, and there's also a bit of texture that shows on the sketches. When using the tablet I noticed that the speed of my mark making affected the outcome of the drawn line. The only bug I ran into was when I was trying to work on small details; it sort of froze and had a right click effect. One of the options that sets this tool apart from the others is the Reload button. All the drawing information is stored and played back as an animation!!! AWESOME!!! (see below)

Viscosity - Abstract composition.

According to my test-drive, it feels like a freehand experience that manipulates vector shapes. You start out with a stack of rectangles in the center of the screen. The width and height can be adjusted before you begin your artistic creation. There are multiple brushes that affect the rectangles in different ways. The select mode allows the user to select and manipulate individual points on the composition. In the end, it's a fun online tool for creating some geometric abstract art. When you click on the SAVE menu, you get a preview of what your art would look like framed and hanging in a living room.

*The following reviews are my own opinion, no sponsorship or payment was given to me for these reviews

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Monica Summers said...

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