Friday, April 6, 2012


Remember how good it felt when your mom or dad hung one of your drawings up on the fridge? Then in high school you had a painting that was hung in the hallway for all of your peers to see. Remember the joy you felt when a friend would pass by and say, "That's really awesome!", while pointing at your painting? It feels good to be appreciated. This week I showed my appreciation for a few select pieces of student work from my Computer Art class at Broward College.  I chose a few pieces from three separate projects and displayed them in the hallway of building 3 (the art building; soon to be the "old" art building).

Let me briefly describe the three project assignments so you can have a better understanding of the process for each work. A photo-surrealism project required the students to combine multiple original photographs to create a surreal scene, that was "believable" to the viewer's discerning eye. The self-portrait project called for students to take black and white self-portrait photos, manipulate them using Photoshop, print them out 18 X 24", and finally using carbon transfer paper, create a complete graphite drawing. For the stencil project students created multiple stencils using Illustrator and original photos, or drawings. The stencils were printed and cut, and the students completed the assignment by using spray paints to create their images on stretched canvas.





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