Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FEC Railroad - Moving Art Gallery

Location. I am lucky enough to live in South Florida, luckier still that I happen to live very close to the Florida East Coast Railroad line. Throughout the course of any given day there are multiple trains that pass through Fort Lauderdale. These trains are loaded with cars that are donning tags, throw ups, and sometimes full car murals (I've spotted a full car Falcor). Now I'm not going to start the debate about graffiti being art or vandalism, I just want to share some visuals that I happen to appreciate, and let me tell you why. At some point I'll be making a run to Publix for some groceries and I get stopped at the tracks and have to wait for the train to pass. Some of these trains are incredibly long, car after car, after car... What makes this a pleasant experience is checking out all the different art that's on the cars. On top of that, I find an element of excitement in looking for new pieces and possibly catching a glimpse of something I have seen before.

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