Thursday, July 12, 2012

F.A.T. Village - June - Artwalk

A.'s dropping a little Miami Vice style in Ft. Lauderdale.

Tucked away in the side streets of Fort Lauderdale, off the main path of Broward Blvd. there is a magical place that lights up on the last Saturday of every month. F.A.T. (Flagler Arts and Technology) Village is home to artist's studios, galleries, live painting events, arts & craft venues, and some puppet and prop shops. Two weeks ago I went to the artwalk, met up with a bunch of friends, and had a really good time.  

This was the start of the night. I was hanging with The A.'s and  they were posing in front of some graffiti.
This was the location of the Night Owl Market. There were DJ's art and craft vendors, food trucks, and free drinks.
This was the creepiest thing that was for sale at the NOM.
Street view. Line gathering to enter NOM.
This video was from an installation "Memory Box." Participants jotted down memories on pieces of paper, walked down a raised catwalk, ducked under a large box, and hung their memories to strings with paper clips. This was probably my favorite artwork of the night. It was pretty fascinating to read what other people hung on the strings.

This was hanging below an installation with automated puppets. Please refer to the video below.

A. getting hands on with some installations.
Ended the night at the best beer bar in town Laser Wolf.

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