Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yellowism - A Moron's Approach to Making a Splash in the Art World

Well there you go again postmodernism, pushing some attention seeking "artists" to pull a stunt and deem it art; or in this case, not art, but Yellowism. Artists have this notion of originality pounded into their head from high school to grad school; you must make something new/ground breaking, yet it seems like every creative idea has been done before, or at least whatever it is you have just finished resembles the work of a previous artist. So what can an artist do if everything has already been done? Sign a toilet - DONE; put a crucifix in a jar of urine - DONE; make a painting of the Virgin Mary and use some elephant poop - DONE; paint with your own menstrual fluid - DONE; sit in a chair at the MoMA and stare at visitors - DONE; get my point? Apparently, the next step in the world of art is to create a manifesto for Yellowism (which explains absolutely nothing), and deface a Mark Rothko painting.
Yellowism at its finest. photo: Tim Wright.

Keep in mind, that Yellowism is capitalized, kinda like Expressionism, Cubism, Fauvism..., but it's not an art movement.
Oh yeah, and it has a manifesto, just like many other previous art movements; see Futurism, Surrealism... still not to be considered an art movement. So what the f*%k is Yellowism? If you're looking for an answer you can visit the website and read the manifesto, but as I previously stated, it doesn't explain anything. By now you should realize that this is a total crock of sh$t, and these pranksters are purely seeking attention. Defacing a famous painting and hiding the act behind art movement literature, vocabulary, and theory, while denying that it has anything to do with art. That my friends, is Yellowism.

How did art come to this? Is this the result of abandoning ideas of beauty, craftsmanship, and skill/talent as standards of judgment for a work of art, and accepting "irony," satire, and shock, as the new replacements? Does this act of vandalism mean anything at all? Perhaps these Yellowists have money invested in Rothko's work and are seeking to pump up the value through vandalism, attention, and hype? It's a great way to transform a painting into a worldwide art icon. These Yellowists seem to be the "big deal" right now, who do you think they will be showing with at Art Basel?

I'm not really sure how to feel about this whole Yellowism incident. It comes off as brash, immature, and more of a stunt than anything even slightly related to art. How should the public react to this? Most seem to be angered by the yellow actions. Others simply continue the joke with responses like, "You people are hilarious, keep up the good vandalism/funny explanations." Perhaps this is what is wrong with the current state of art. Everything is a fucking joke, nothing is to be regarded as serious or sacred, and if you're not laughing then you just don't get it. Do you get it?

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