Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Test Run - "Adobe Ideas" on the iPad

I'm on Spring Break mutha f&#@erz!!! Instead of getting girls gone wild and crazy, I'm at my local caffeine dealer getting my fix and making the artz. I've been neglecting my shiny new gadget (iPad) and so I decided that I'd go have some coffee, take some candid photos of other patrons, and make a drawing. The app of choice for today is "Adobe Ideas" it's a free vector drawing program, and it's awesome. Super clean and crisp lines and edges folks. They dynamic pressure on the brush is pretty awesome as well; eventually I'll be investing in a pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad, but until then I'm getting my groove on with my iFrogz stylus. Here's a couple versions of the finished illustration; little cropping here, little cropping there, dig it y'all!

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