Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Santifort Children - A Pencil Portrait Commission

Over the past few weeks I had been in talks with a friend from high school who was interested in having me create a pencil portrait of her four kids. I was more than happy about the news, seeing as I love drawing, and I especially love drawing people. After a nice "catch-up" phone call and a few short emails back and forth, I was provided with some outstanding photos of her kids to work with.

I went into Photoshop and created two concepts for the portrait; one horizontal layout, and the other a vertical one. 

Concept 1.
Concept 2.

She decided on the horizontal composition below (had to edit the position of the kids; put them in birth order) and I set out to work, with pristine paper, and pencils a blazin'.
Final Concept - children in correct order.

Line drawing.
Adding values.
Embellishing the values of the contour lines.
Adding more values and gradations.
Final Portrait: "The Santifort Children" - 14 x 11" Graphite on Bristol, 2014.

It was quite satisfying to work on such a meaningful project. I love drawing all kinds of crazy things, but to capture something on paper that means something to another human being is really what it's all about for me. I was able to use my talents to capture Mrs. Santifort's most precious creations in a unique work of art that will hopefully bring smiles and memories to the family for many years to come.

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Michelle Welch said...

Connor, these are so beautiful! You are a very talented artist. How much would you charge to draw a picture of our barn? Michelle Welch at Wishing Well Barn