Friday, July 25, 2014

BATMAN 75!!!

So this year has been pretty awesome! On top of all the kick-ass things that have been going on in my life, it also happens to be the year of Batman's 75th anniversary! July 23rd was the official Batman Day where enthusiasts could drop by participating comic shops and book stores to grad a sweet Batman75 grab bag with a comic, poster, mask, bookmark, and pin.
Swag Bag contents
I know I have drawn Batman over and over again, but that's just fine with me :) And to celebrate the old man's 75th I went ahead and worked up a new drawing of Batz. I was influenced by the reprint of Detective Comics #27 from the grab bag and I wanted to harness that raw vigilante feel to Batz, before all the jet-powered tank/car/jet hybrids and present a humanistic look at the man in the mask. He looks a little weathered, a little unsure, and that's fine because honestly, if you were dressing up in a costume and fighting crime everyday you might begin to question yourself too. Below are the initial sketch WIP and flats WIP. I created this illustration in Adobe Ideas app on my iPad using an iFrogz stylus (no pressure sensitivity). Hope y'all enjoyed Batman day and here's to celebrating Batz for many more years to come!
WIP pencils and inks
WIP inks and flats

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