Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hey it's Wednesday! Since I'm getting back into the swing of things, digitally, or Internetingly speaking, I think this calls for a NWW post! So here it is folks, hot and fresh from my blood-filled finger tips, to my electronic tablet, to your screen - "McBreakfast - v.1", 2014.
"McBreakfast, v.1" - Binary drawing, 2014.
It's a handmade digital drawing using my iFrogz stylus and Adobe Ideas app on my iPad Air. I threw that handmade bit in to poke fun at art crowds and such. I keep seeing posts and reading captions on art that is made on paper, canvas, or some other tactile, tangible surface as being "handmade" or "made by hand." It seems like a bullsh#t effort to say that if art is digital that it is somehow not "made by hand" or that it is lower/lesser quality than a "handmade" art object. And to that I say, "Go f%*k yourself." Even when artists use digital methods of creating art, they still use their five digit extensions to move a mouse, click a button, or hold a stylus. Let's stop the art-class-warfare before people start taking it too seriously and form some SJW groups about it and start posting sh#t on Tumblr and Reddit. I used my hands to draw a picture and so this is some fresh, digital, handmade artz going straight to your optic nerve! Enjoy :)

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