Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Procreate - The BEST drawing/painting app for the iPad!

Yeah I said it... Procreate is the BEST damn drawing/painting app I have used on my iPad to date (1/27/2015). Now I've tried out my fair share of drawing/painting apps, but this one takes the cake! Compared to the price of desktop software this app is a steal and it has a ton of comparable functions and capabilities. I'm talking import/export multiple file types, layers, reference layers, adjustment modes, blend modes, color drop, masking, customize brushes, export video (see below, as in the bottom of the post) and more! To put it simply... IT ROCKS!

"Fringe of Consciousness" - 1st attempt with Procreate (self portrait)

The work above was my first adventure in the Procreate app and it was amazingly intuitive and easy to use. If y'all are familiar with Adobe products you should have 0% trouble working with Procreate. If you do purchase the app I highly recommend reading the HANDBOOK so you can fully understand the nuances of this powerhouse app.
WIP shot showing the Adjustment drop down menu.
WIP shot showing the drop down layer menu with thumbnails.

And here is the process video which Procreate automagically creates while you work in the app! Awesomesauce!

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